Your privacy and security are important to the Central Health. Central Health will continue to balance individual privacy rights with the requirements of open government. This Privacy Policy contains a Web Site Notice and Electronic Mail Notice.

Electronic Mail Notice
The only personal information we collect from you is information that you choose to provide to Central Health. Information you send to or receive from Central Health through electronic mail is considered “public information” subject to the requirements of the Texas Public Information Act, Government Code chapter 552. Written communications with Central Health are considered public information as information collected, assembled, or maintained in connection with the transaction of official business by a governmental body. Central Health will strive to exempt from disclosure any personal information through applicable State and Federal law. The e-mail addresses of most members of the public who communicate with Central Health are confidential under Texas law. Exceptions to confidentiality may be reviewed at Texas Government code, Section 552.137. The Central Health does not sell or lease personal information.

For Additional Information on Privacy
Additional information regarding privacy and security policies is provided in the Privacy Policy. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission also provides information for educating consumers and businesses about the importance of personal information privacy.
If you have questions or comments about Central Health’s privacy policy, please send an e-mail to or call (512) 978-8000.

Linking Policy
Organizations and individuals (the site owners) are encouraged to link to Central Health information subject to the requirements set forth in this policy. Advance permission is not required before linking. Links should be made using the appropriate base URL of or such other URL as Central Health may use. Because Central Health may change subpages at any time without notice, the site owner should routinely verify links to Central Health’s subpages.

Central Health has no restrictions on linking to our site except the following:
1) No fee shall be charged to access our material.
2) Site owners may not capture Central Health pages within the site owner’s frames, present District Web site content as that of the site owner, otherwise misrepresent the content of Central Health’s pages or misinform users about the origin or ownership of the content of Central Health Web site.
3) Any link to Central Health’s Web site should be a full forward link that passes the client browser to Central Health’s Web site unencumbered. The BACK button should return the visitor to the site owner’s site if the visitor wishes to back out.
4) Although the content of Central Health’s Web site is available to the public, certain information on some of Central Health’s Web site may be trademarked, service marked, or otherwise protected as Central Health’s intellectual property, and all content is protected by federal copyright laws. Use of protected intellectual property must be in accordance with federal and state law and must reflect the copyright, trademark, service mark or other intellectual property ownership of Central Health.
5) Site owners should not link to individual District graphics or tables within Central Health’s pages, especially in an effort to place the downloading burden on Central Health’s servers. Such an action may be considered a misuse of District resources.
6) Site owners should contact Central Health to request permission to use a copy of Central Health’s graphics within the site owner’s pages

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